IDE Plugin XML Format

<itrace_plugin session_id="">
  <environment screen_width="" screen_height="" plugin_type="" />
    <response event_id="" plugin_time="[timestamp_milli]" x="" y="" gaze_target="" gaze_target_type="" source_file_path="" source_file_line="" source_file_col="" editor_line_height="" editor_font_height="" editor_line_base_x="" editor_line_base_y="" />

itrace_plugin tag attributes:

  • session_id unique identifier for a recording session

environment tag attributes:

  • screen_width width of display in pixels used for the study
  • screen_height height of display in pixels used for the study
  • plugin_type plugin used to record gaze data

response tag attributes:

  • event_id synchronizing id from core data
    • Provided by Core
  • plugin_time timestamp for data being recorded by tracker as a UTC Unix style timestamp in milliseconds
  • x screen based x coordinate
    • Provided by Core
  • y screen based y coordinate
    • Provided by Core
  • gaze_target UI element or source code file under gaze
  • gaze_target_type type of source code file or UI element
  • source_file_path file path of open source code file under gaze
  • source_file_line line in open source code file under gaze
  • source_file_col col in open source code file under gaze
  • editor_line_height size of editor line
  • editor_font_height font height in editor
  • editor_line_base_x line base x in editor
  • editor_line_base_y line base y in editor