Community eye-tracking infrastructure built right into development environments for software engineers and software engineering/computing education researchers to conduct realistic eye tracking studies on large open source systems. Support is available for Eclipse, Visual Studio, Atom, and Chrome. We support Tobii Pro, Gaze Point, and SmartEye trackers.
Release 0.2.2 is now available (May 9, 2023)

What's new?

Added support for Atom and Chrome.

Completely rewritten iTrace Core engine that communicates between the eye tracker and the plugins.

Added support for high speed trackers via the Deja Vu record replay option (available in iTrace Core). Based on the ICSME 2020 paper.

Made all repositories public and are now soliciting issues from the community. Check out the iTrace-Dev organization. We also encourage the community to extend this work. Contact us via the email at the bottom of this page on how to get started.

New and updated iTrace Toolkit - a lightweight post-processing pipeline that takes what the plugins output and produces a consolidated database that can be queried. Toolkit also supports fixation generation on source code.